The Revitalization of Millers River Apartments – Case Study

The Millers River Apartments and Community Building were built in 1974 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The 19-story, high-rise apartment tower was constructed with a combination of precast and post-tensioned, sitecast concrete. This robust structure almost completely lacked thermal insulation but was well built and in good shape. The original residential unit heating system was designed as electric resistance and converted to hot water baseboard, but no cooling was provided. The major building systems, unit interiors, and common spaces had been maintained over the years but had all reached the end of their useful life. Likewise, the single-story community building was in need of substantial upgrades and renovations. The Cambridge Housing Authority, who owns and manages the building, approached the revitalization of Millers Rivers Apartments with an eye well into the future. The project plan set ambitious goals for building energy performance and set up the site for continued growth and development over the coming years.

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Millers River Apartments - Case Study