Churchill Neighborhood

Location: Holyoke, MA

Churchill Neighborhood Master Plan and Hope VI Implementation
The aim of this master plan was to re-integrate the formerly isolated Jackson Parkway housing project into the neighborhood. A new mixed income neighborhood was designed that included 110 housing units, a new community building, central park and all new roads and utilities. Success depended on the synthesis of new housing with the best of the community’s existing buildings as well as the creation of a new neighborhood that provides occupants with a sense of ownership and pride. The result was a Hope VI Federal Grant award that leveraged a total of $42 million.

Churchill Neighborhood – Phase 1
The first phase of the Churchill Neighborhood was the creation of 50 units of rental housing, putting into reality the vision of the neighborhood plan with buildings that were individual in their detailing but cohesive as a part of the community. Detailing reflects the influence of surrounding traditions, with prominent front porches and gables helping to create a living streetscape. This sustainable and energy efficient project secured the 2007 Pioneer Valley Smart Growth Award for Affordable Housing.

Churchill Neighborhood – Phase 2
The second phase of the Churchill Neighborhood continued the master plan vision of providing new housing that fit contextually with the existing homes. Without duplicating the home designs of Phase 1, Phase 2 met the challenges of drastic grade changes and the integration of an accessible unit. This project included the renovation of 39 units in a five-story existing masonry building.

Churchill Neighborhood – Community Building
The new Community Center includes daycare services for neighborhood children, as well as a Computer Learning Center, adult education classes, administrative offices for community-based and related organizations and a large public meeting room.
The Community Center is directly across the street from the new Community Park; together they act as the focal point and heart of the new community.

Voces de Esperanza Apartments
Tenants in this early 1900’s five-story brick apartment building in the Churchill Neighborhood of Holyoke formed an association to save their home which was in imminent danger of demolition. As part of the Churchill Master Plan, this project was defined to include the existing building as well as additional sites across the street. Eight new townhouse and garden apartments were constructed on the additional sites, and the existing building was reconfigured to accommodate 20 renovated units, accessible units, commercial space, community space and laundry facilities. New construction was designed to complement the architecture and visual rhythm of the neighborhood, while staying within the constraints of the tight budget to retain affordability.

Awards:  2007 Pioneer Valley Smart Growth Award for Affordable Housing

2002 WMAIA Citation Award (Phase I)

2003 National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials Agency Award of Excellence

2003 National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials National Award of Excellence

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