Design Chat: Windsor State Forest Park Facilities Renovation

By Alma Crawford-Mendoza

This presentation endeavored to familiarize the office with this new project. Located in Windsor, MA, the Windsor State Forest has two existing buildings that are intended to serve as a contact and comfort station for visiting campers. The contact station provides a check-in location where visitors can buy a parking pass or sign in or out of their camping site and the comfort station provides bathrooms. Currently, both these buildings are in disrepair having been abandoned for the past eleven years. Our task is to renovate these spaces, provide accessible toilets and showers and bring the buildings back on line. The live edge siding of the comfort station exemplifies the CCC-era in which it was constructed. We discussed as an office what the CCC-era is and we looked at pictures of other comparable buildings that were constructed around this time.

Click the link below to view the slideshow that was presented to our staff.

Windsor State Forest Design Chat

Alma Crawford-Mendoza

Alma Crawford-Mendoza is an Architectural Associate at Dietz & Company Architects. She has been with the firm since 2017 and earned her Master of Architecture from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.