Dietz & Company Welcomes Brenden Baitch, LEED AP ND

Dietz & Company Architects, Inc, is pleased to announce the addition of Brenden Baitch, LEED AP ND to our staff in the role of Architectural Associate. Brenden holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Massachusetts, a Master of Arts in Urban Planning from the University of Florida, and is LEED AP ND certified. He brings 6 years of professional experience to Dietz & Company, having previously worked for a local small architectural firm.

Brenden brings a passion and knowledge for how the built and natural environments interact and specializes in urban planning, landscape, and geography. He recently completed his master’s thesis work on the subject of fire adaptation strategies including the strategic placement of buildings in relation to topography, wind, vegetation type, and fuel loads, and analysis of fire-retardant building materials, building form, landscaping, and the density of built form on the scale of single homes, and broader communities.