Easthampton Savings Bank, a Bank of Tomorrow

At the center of downtown Easthampton sits the stately Easthampton Savings Bank. A brick Greek Revival façade faces the 19th century brick buildings across the street. The downtown is a harmonious whole of simple mercantile and mill buildings.

Dietz & Company Architects was approached by Easthampton Savings Bank to design their new Loan and Banking Center. The challenge was to meet the Bank’s request for a new building that would reflect their vision of a bank of tomorrow and at the same time be rooted in the architecture of the Easthampton area – local architectural vernacular in a thoroughly contemporary building. From the high performance glass curtain wall that lets in generous amounts of natural light while controlling solar gain through the use of glass coatings and sunscreens, to the photovoltaic panels that cover the roof, this is a building of the 21st century. In fact, the building is 48% more efficient than a typical building.

In the main lobby, a computer monitor mounted on the wall displays the amount of solar energy that is being generated. The first floor contains a branch bank that reflects Easthampton Savings Bank’s vision of the future of retail banking. The teller line is an inviting design that allows customers to complete their transactions sitting at a desk or standing. The floors above house the Bank’s various departments and conference rooms that look out to Mt. Tom. The building’s masonry exterior is highlighted by a stair tower at the entry which will be illuminated at night, providing a beacon along Route 10 and a refreshing alternative to the commercial strip architecture that has become all too common outside of New England cities and towns.

Respectful of the city’s history, while presenting a vision of the future, Easthampton Savings Bank got what they were looking for in their new Loan and Banking Center.