Krista Benoit Is Leadership Pioneer Valley’s 2013 Class Graduate

Krista Benoit, Job Captain at Dietz & Company Architects, Inc., is one of 39 members of the Leadership Pioneer Valley’s 2013 graduating class. At the June graduation, participants presented the accomplishments of the six teams that took on issues facing our region. Ms. Benoit’s team worked on a higher education project called Valley CABS, which stands for Create, Achieve, Believe and Succeed. Their mission is to empower students and their families, giving them the necessary tools to find their own path for success in higher education. A website focused on local educational resources was created ( A second element to their project was the filming of inspirational higher educational journeys from local residents. These videos can be found on their website. The final element of the project was the establishment of a scholarship fund. To date Valley CABS has awarded $1,000 in scholarships to local residents pursuing higher education.

Leadership Pioneer Valley trains existing and emerging leaders from all sectors of the community through a ten month in-depth leadership development program that gives participants a 360-view of the Pioneer Valley. During the program, participants will expand their leadership skills while gaining connections, greater commitment to community stewardship, and cultural competency. The program features monthly, day-long sessions at locations throughout the region. The curriculum includes a balanced combination of retreats, day-long seminars, field experiences, and small group experiential projects.